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Welcome to Baxter Oil Company!
Is it time for a new heating/cooling system?

At Baxter Oil Company, we can  fill your
car with gas 24 hours a day, install a
complete geothermal system, repair an
electrical short, or repair your boiler.  

We have kerosene for your space heater,
motor oil for your engine, propane for
your grill, lottery tickets and hunting
licenses.  We have everything from food
to fuel, soup to nuts, and a variety of
fresh hot foods for on-the-go or dinner.
For more details about any of our services, click the links at the left. You can call us at
641-227-3105 or
email us.  Look at the map below to find out where we are in case you
haven't stopped by yet!
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Baxter Oil Company
Map of Baxter Oil Location
Call Today! 641-227-3105
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